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Enterprise Architecture is at a crossroad in its’ evolution. It matured to the point where today, with some adjustments, we can model a business from top to bottom. We can zone our businesses, we can architect capabilities, and we can perform the underlying engineering work. Simultaneously, there are groups heading off in different directions disintegrating the practice and methods. We have many groups asserting that Enterprise Architecture is the tool of the CIO and that business analysis is its’ own separate and distinct realm. In our new book, “The Heart and Brain of Your Business” we position architecture as a “way of managing your company” and as a way of treating the business and IT as one. It is a way that focuses on the market and the constant need for adjusting the business to market needs and trends. In the past people thought of business and IT as islands, they thought that they had to build a bridge. They are inextricably linked and EA Frameworks can help you to understand how to make architecture an integral part of your business, positioned as the heart and brain of your business.


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